Care and Action for Students

The focus of Massachusetts Maritime Academy’s Care and Action for Students Team (CAST) is the care and concern for students who may be in distress. Our aim is to connect identified students with the resources and support needed to facilitate achievement of their personal and academic potential while at the Academy.

Make a Referral


Team Meetings

CAST meets biweekly throughout the fall and spring semesters. The team may also meet on an ad hoc basis if an urgent situation arises.

How to Make a Referral

Members of the Massachusetts Maritime Academy’s Community may refer students of concern to CAST by submitting the referral form above. Once a referral is submitted, you will see an automated reply confirming that your referral has been received, and a member of CAST may contact you for additional information. Alternately, you can make a referral by contacting any member of CAST.

Emergency Situations

If a student poses an immediate risk of harm to self or others, please call 911 or Public Safety at 508-726-0798 or Extension 1025.



Team Members
Chris Barry  Athletics 508-830-5124
Denise Carrington  Captain Paul Cuffe Center for Inclusion 508-830-5135
Elaine Craighead Academic Affairs 508-830-5350
Rory Deegan Office of the Commandant 508-830-5101
Darryl DeGrace Public Safety  508-830-5238
Patrick Dillon Office of the Commandant 508-830-5103
Amy Heine Academic Support 508-830-5122
Judy Kaechele Health Service 508-830-5243
Jennifer Levesque Counseling Center, Heath Service 508-830-5180
Jim McKenna Undergraduate Studies 508-830-5037
Lauren Murphy Compliance Coordinator 508-830-5148
Patrick Nobrega Captain Paul Cuffe Center for Inclusion 508-830-5135